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Individual Counseling

Individual psychotherapy, commonly known as “talk therapy” or “therapy” is a form of treatment aimed at relieving emotional distress and mental health problems such as anxiety, depression and other presenting problems.  Therapy sessions are often structured meetings between you and a licensed professional such as a psychologist, mental health counselor, or a Licensed Independent Social Worker like myself with a goal of improving some aspect of your life.  

Therapy session

How Can Counseling Help You?

As a trauma-focused therapist it is always my goal to first create a safe space where individuals can examine and gain insight about their painful life experiences and choices.  Through a compassionate lens I facilitate and collaborate with clients on identifying individual strengths, existing skills, and to identify problems that they desire to work on. I employ a Person-Centered approach in guiding clients’ in increasing their understanding of themselves and others.  Individual psychotherapy can help clients identify aspects of their beliefs, thinking and behavior that they would like to change, to set personal goals, resolve maladaptive and unhealthy coping skills, and work toward desired behavioral change. 

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